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Ayvalık Setur Marina

The entrance to the Ayvalık harbor, virtually resembling a lake, is a narrow canal, which is known as the Dalyan strait. You might not notice the cardinal lighthouse placed to signal the beginning of the canal. The south cardinal lighthouse, resembling two upside-down cones (lit at VQ (6) + LFI 15s at night) marks a shallow spot on the north side of the entrance. Furthermore, just to the southwest is a red buoy, which marks the southern tip of 5-meter depth. Once alongside the lighthouse, set your course in between the three pairs of concrete lighthouses spaced 40 meters apart on both sides of the Dalyan strait. The depth inside the canal is 6 meters. The sea depth is a maximum 4.7 meters in the marina, and anchors may not be cast due to its vaulted floor. Bringing yachts to land, lowering them to sea, and pressurized-water washes are some of the services offered. Repair, upkeep, wintering, and periodic care services are some of the services that can be arranged by the service staff. In addition to periodic services such as yacht batteries charging, bilge checks, drying, and motor operations, every sort of mechanical, technical, electrical, carpentry, and painting work can be done as well.

Linking Information

  • Maximum Depth : 4.70 meter
  • Maximum Full Size : 40 meter
  • Mooring Capacity : 220
  • Land Capacity : 80

Technical services

  • Pressure Wash
  • Lift & Launching
  • Steel Cradle

Services Provided to Yachts

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Wireless Internet
  • Sanitary
  • Sanitary for Disabled
  • Car Park
  • Fire Early Warning & Extinguishing
  • Fuel Station
  • Storage Room
  • Waste Collection Facilities
  • Mooring Boat Service
  • Security Service Security Camera Supported
  • Diver

Other Informations

  • Food Market
  • Chandlery
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe - Bar
  • Heli Port
  • ATM
Atatürk Bulvarı Yat Limanı Ayvalık - Balıkesir
+90 266 312 26 96
39.31382306351949, 26.6867888268385